• Alipta supplies both diesel and blend fuel. We understand that timely customer service, fuel quality, and price are important factors to consider when choosing a bulk fuel supplier.

    Our combined experience in the fuel industry has created a knowledgeable team dedicated to providing your business with industry-leading service and quality with a competitive price



  • We specialize in automotive and industrial lubricants, greases, additives and car care products.

    We supply lubricants in the following sectors:
    – Automotive
    – Agricultural
    – Manufacturing
    – Industrial
    – Mining
    – Power Generation
    – Transport

LP Gas

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is a versatile fuel mixture used in homes and industries for heating, cooking, lighting, cooling, and more.

    We have a simple goal as your supplier – to deliver high-quality LPG at a competitive price and on time to enable you to power your business today and in the future.

Bulk Fuel


Alipta supplies bulk fuel around Zimbabwe. Whether it’s an agriculture, mining or construction operation, there can be considerable  benefits to   managing an on-site re-fueling facility. A safe, well-built well-managed fuel storage system can improve operational control, reduce vehicle off-site down time, &   generate positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Retail Service Stations

  • We intend to build state of the art service stations with modern technology to cater for the ever evolving customer needs.

    Alipta Service Stations will operate 24 hours and will provide convenience offerings of a shop and fast foods as a standard